who is spencer lee?

Spencer Lee is a young & free spirited artist living in Los Angeles, CA. She was born & raised in a small city in Oregon with dreams to take on the big city at a young age. She was placed in music classes at the age of two and went on to learn piano, flute, & guitar. When her mom realized her musical gene and need to move to music she was put into dance classes at the age of seven. She then continued on with dance learning various styles such as lyrical, contemporary, modern, ballet, and hip hop. Dance soon became her passion and career goal.

At the age of 16, Spencer found new creative outlets she enjoyed & started exploring videography, editing, photography, and make up. At 18 she moved to Los Angeles, CA and pursued dance as a profession, signed with Go 2 Talent Agency, and is still dancing professionally today. Spencer has since become a successful freelancer in videography, editing, photography, and make up. Her videography & editing resume includes choreographers & dancers such as Derrick Caldwell, Noel Rios, Gerran Reese, and B-girl Bonita. She has photographed for various events such as Next Generation Talent Show, and Zulu Foundation. And she has displayed her body painting in a dance piece by Gerran Reese on Choreographer Carnival's stage and is currently working on her own beauty book of all of her original body painting pieces.

Spencer Lee is an artist in every area of her life from fashion, to make up, film to photography, and dance. She loves exploring anything & everything creative that allows freedom to express herself. She is a young artist & entrepreneur ready to make her mark on the world.