the artists' life.

the artists' life.

I'm sure this can't be just me. In fact, I know it's not. I know I am not alone when it comes to the ups and downs in the life of an artist. Us artists sometimes see the world in vivid colors and patterns and other times see nothing but a mix of blacks and whites that turn into all shades of gray. This I call, the artistic roller coaster.

It's a constant, whether slow or fast, ride of ups and downs, ins and outs, loops, different speeds, and breaks. It's slow motion whiplash over and over and over again. It can be a painful thing, being an "arteest". But I wouldn't want to be anything else.

There are seasons in my life where I have creative thought after creative thought that slap me in the face. A whole bunch of lightbulbs are constantly going off and I write, paint, and edit like a mad woman. And then there are seasons where I lack all of the passion in the world to do anything creative. I feel dead. I feel heavy. I feel worthless. It's the artistic roller coaster.

It can be extremely frustrating to deal with. There are times where I wish I was a "muggle". A normal person with a normal, average job. But I've tried that, I'm currently trying that normal thing out and it's absolutely horrible. I feel dead inside. And that's when I remember that I don't want to be a "muggle". I love being this creative visionary that exudes creativity in every aspect of my life. 

This artistic roller coaster has scary, vomit inducing drops, but it also has it's "scream at the top of your lungs with joy" highs. And I couldn't be more appreciative to have been given such a life as this.

xoxo, Spencer Lee

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