accept yourself, except yourself.

accept yourself, except yourself.

The world is constantly telling you to love yourself, yet at the same time gives examples of the only type of person you can be, and unless you look or act like them, you can't love yourself. The world says you need to be yourself, love yourself, be who you are, don't try to duplicate anyone else. Yet, unless you have flawless skin, money, and a fat booty, you are worthless. The world says love yourself, but not too much or else you're cocky. The world is constantly saying accept yourself, except yourself. Be anyone but yourself, to love yourself. Stop absorbing the lies and letting them rule you. Be yourself and love doing it. It's okay to be more than okay with who you are. It's perfectly fine to be satisfied with and enjoy who you have been created to be.

When will we mute the world that is full of lies, deception, and ridicule? Do we even know that this is how the world speaks of us? Do we realize that we are being fed lies daily? Do we understand that photos are photoshopped and the disproportionate barbie doll on the magazine is fake? Are we blind to reality? The real reality. Not the facade we are fed. Are you aware?

Are you aware of the freedom you have to love yourself?

The world likes to say a lot. A lot about who you are, who you can be, where you can go, what you can and cannot do, what you are capable of, how you should look... The world has so much to say. But you have ears to ignore it with and a mouth with which you can stand up for yourself. It's all in a simple decision to enjoy who God created you to be. Will you ignore the world when it has something to say? Will you stand up for yourself? Will you even be able to have anything nice to say about yourself? Or have the lies confused you to the point of no longer knowing why you are special? Do you even know who you are anymore? Who you truly are?

Spencer TegnerComment