Life is too short.


Life is too short.

God has been speaking to me about this phrase. Often used in a way to do whatever you want without second thought towards how it might effect your life in the long run or those around you.

For me, it's an invitation from God to let go of perfectionism and fear of man in order to walk fully in His promises for my life. Perfectionism for a long time crippled me, destroyed me, paralyzed me. And though I've taken major strides to conquer it, it still lingers quietly, only to attack at the most inconvenient times. I also have a fear of disappointing people. In the past, if I was a disappointment, I was no longer wanted and I was verbally destroyed from the inside out. So, naturally, disappointing people is a fear.

But "Life is too short", God says. Life is too short to fear the opinions of those who didn't have even an opportunity to throw out suggestions during the process of being created. Life is too short to be afraid of making decisions that God has told you to make knowing they might disappoint someone.

Everyone has a plan for your life. But their plan isn't God's plan. Life is too short to listen and obey anyone BUT God. Fear of man is negative, Fear of God is reverence towards how amazing He is.

All that to say. I may disappoint some of you in the near future. And I don't care. I'm listening to God, saying "Yes" to God, and walking with God.

I don't care in the most loving way possible.

The girl who is finding her freedom.

Spencer TegnerComment